Through Dixie's Eyes

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Growing up my Nana loved watching Johnny Carson and she would always let me watch with her. Sittin’ in her trailer, in front of that old Zenith with the rabbit ears, we would ignore each other and watch all the entertainment Johnny had to offer up each night and that was when I first saw Joan Rivers.

Fast forward to 5 weeks after 9/11. I saw Joan Rivers LIVE for the first time in New York City. She did jokes about the Twin Towers. The audience boo’d her. She turned around and said “Oh shut up. If you don’t laugh, the terrorists win!”. Within a minute, she had the crowd roaring again. This was a woman who knew how to push buttons and would always slaughter the sacred cow, but she always did it with grace and panache. She had balls.

One of the highlights of my comedy career will always remain opening for her in NYC during one of her weekly gigs in support of @godslovenyc. She was as kind as she was funny. God better step aside, Joan is on her way up there in the limo.

I trust that she is up there right now making Jesus jokes to God, talking about what an ungrateful kid he was and God is laughing in spite of himself.

Atta girl Joanie. Make God smile. And thank you for inspiring me to be brave with my comedy.

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